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[11 Mar 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Gray Eyes
Your eyes should be gray.. the same color you see
the world. You have faced many sorrows and
losses, but yet its starting to get to you.
You're depressed and lonely, so maybe it might
be time to go and find someone to talk to.

What Color Eyes Should You Have? ( With Anime Pictures ^-^ )
brought to you by Quizilla

This is probably my first time ever putting test results in..eh whatever.

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Blah..got the results for the concert.. [08 Mar 2004|08:21pm]
[ mood | hot ]

For the Golden Empire Music Festival results...we got an excellent. It went from superior, excellent, good, fair, then poor. Last year, the beginners got a superior. :O I wonder how their performance was.. Anyway, I'm not that satisfied with the scores the judge gave us. It seemed like we did horrible. The "cheap suit" judge gave us a 67/100 the middle gave 79/100 and the BEST one gave 85/100. That's a freaking A-- man! They recorded the stuff and gave out comments and pointers and the "cheap suit" judge kept saying that we are rushing and there wasn't a very big dynamic change (I actually agree if you listen to it on the tape). The middle dude pretty much said the same thing but kept dissing the cello and bass. Kept talking about their bad stuff and hardly talk about the others. The best one hardly even say anything. He just all of a sudden starts humming (the "cheap suit" hummed a lot) and then he talked about our tempo.

Either the cello and bass did horrible but they kept commenting on them. I didn't hear them say a thing about violas or second violins except for the best judge. He said that "We play an important role in the orchestra. So we should take advantage of it." And I think he said something about our bowings (our bowings were horrible x.x) and I didn't really pay attention to the rest since too many people were talking. The best guy or the middle talked a lot about how many of us don't use the whole bow (I very noticed >.<). Most of the comments were about us rushing in the songs especially the pizzicatos. They also said a lot about our dynamic change should be softer. And lets see...what else..hmm..I guess that's pretty much it.

Oh yeah! Today in science, Lien and Brian stapled their finger. XD Ii had this little mini stapler in my pencil bag and Lien was playing around with it. I pretended I was gonna staple Lien's finger but I press really softly and she acted like it hurts and it stings. Then later she took it and actually stapled her finger. She was like "Owwwww.." and it was like..stuck there. We told her to go tell Mrs. Mathews but she refused. Then she took it out and it started bleeding a lot. But it finally stopped after awhile. She told me that she didn't think it was gonna go in, she thought the staple was going to bent. Later, Brian asked me for it and I gave it to him then he stupidly stapled his finger too! Annamarie, Stephanie, and I were just "OMG! You idiots! You guys are so stupid!" What was gross was that the staple dug really deep so it was all gross. We gave him tissue but he just put his whole finger in his mouth. XD Then he sucked his blood and ewwww. :x I kept laughing and then we all started laughing. Everyone was watching us because we sat right in front of the TV and we were watching a very boring video at the time.

Wellz, I'm going to go now, BAI BAI!!

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Golden Empire Music Festtival [07 Mar 2004|11:59am]
[ mood | loved ]

Yesterday was the Golden Empire Mmusic Festival which seems to be the most important performance out of the whole year. There are judges and stuff like that which seems sorta scary. I wasn't really nervous. I wasn't as nervous as I was in the Winter Concert anyway. We played "St. Anthony Chorale" first. I hate playing that song. All the notes are on the G string and at the end, we play the C string (our lowest string) and it was hard to play it cause when ever I do, the sound doesn't come out right or it just squeaks. My brother said that one side played faster than the other. No wonder Mrs. Vigil didn't give us a thumbs up at the end of the song. On our second song, "Cross Country", I thought we did pretty good except for my stand partner, she had a couple of wrong bowings. We actually sat in the wrong spots. I almost poked her in the eye(not surprising XD) and she couldn't get used to the seat i guess. I was suppose to sit on th left and she sit on the right. That's how it's always been. Oh wellz. I thought we did pretty good except for some parts, I think I played the wrong notes or something. I like playing that song because of the dynamics. It goes from piano to forte and back to piano again. Fun song to play with. We got a thumbs up from Mrs. Vigil on that song though.

Last song was "Ode to Joy". I like playing that song because of the little rotation and the quarter notes. We had little dynamic change but it's alright. I love playing the parts when the violas and second violins play our part then the first violins come in. I kinda wish I was a first vilin since they ALWAYS get the melody and they have the hard/fun parts to play. We got a thumbs up at the end of this song too.

After this, the judges were suppose to come down and comment on our weaknesses or strong points. But they didn't have time so we just left after this. I felt pretty honored being the only middle school in the Sacramento district that went to this festival (well Vigil teaches at Cal too). W00tage!

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[02 Mar 2004|09:18pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Tewweed told meh 2 update. W00tage XD

Im lyk sick ;(

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F-Bombs XDD [19 Feb 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

Haha, there was a rock band playing at our school during lunch at the quad area today called themselves the "F-Bombs". We were making fun of them because last time a band came and this dude was trying to sing but GOD, it was horrible. Like he had somesort of sore throat or something. I doubt he's the lead singer cause him and this other guy switch off. The better one sounds somewhat like Simple Plan. Anyway, me and Vicki were making fun of them because "F-bombs" and "F4". Though F4 is famous and the F-Bombs isn't. F-bombs sounded worse than the band last time. The lead singer couldn't sing but then again, I couldn't sing any better.

I don't feel like typing right now so I will update more later if I feel like typing again..

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Valentine's Day Dance [14 Feb 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

On Thursday was the dance and well, it was alright. It went from 6-9:30. Mr. Purcell extend it for 30 minutes longer because out basketball team won the championships. When they said it through the intercom during 4th period, Vicki and I were like "Whoppy, 30 minutes. At least an hour!" Anyway it seems like it was a formal dance because everyone was all worrying about what to wear and planning to get some new to wear. They didn't do that at the Halloween one but then again, everyone was in costume so yeah.. I was wearing a "jean" skirt(that goes a bit past my knee) with pink cherries on it. I thought it was really cute. Then I wore my normal pink shirt and wore my pink shoes (PINK POWAH!). Anyway, I was going to wear blue but it's almost-Valentine's Day so why dress all sad?

At 5:16, Taylor's dad picked me up and I wasn't quite ready because they told me that they were going to come at 5:30. They called me on their cell phone and said "We are turning to your block right now." And I panicked and said "What?!" Good thing I already took a shower and got dressed.

When we got there, there were a bunch of skaters at the front and seems like nobody we knew would be there yet. Taylor and I didn't want to go in untll more people kept coming. We finally went in 20 minutes after and we saw Ralphie. Then Erik/c Perez came and he was like "Nice pants (Taylor was wearing some leather pants)." And I said, "You should like her shirt too (because it showed part of her stomach) XD" Then I started to crack up. Then later on was the dance and stuff. Nothing much but a bunch of my friends were freak/dirty dancing. I say Jade and Karina dirty dancing. I was like "Ewww" my mouth dropped open when I say Jade dirty dancing with Chase. I couldn't imagine him dirty dancing. Overall, I thought the dance was alright, it wasn't the best obviously. Bceause of the dance, I got the Milkshake song stuck in my head. >8(

Well it's been a bad day, I will tak about it later...

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Long time no see... [02 Feb 2004|05:39pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Blah, no internet for a week, that's why you people don't see me online anymore. Well the reason is that my internet was messing up so we got DSL now. Possible not coming for a month ;( Well here are some updates:

January 27, 2004
First day that I lost my internet ;( *bored*

January 28, 2004
Don't remember

January 29, 2004
Don't remember..again

January 30, 2004

January 31, 2004
Today was Sara's birthday party. It was pretty fun except I couldn't sleep over. I was the first one to get there too(surprisingly)!! I got there, Sara was playing her Xbox. The party wasn't really at her house, it was her "brother's" house, Taylor. He wasn't there cause it was all girls. Later, Sara's friend, Geena came. Then Rita, Erica and Emilia (I think I spelled this wrong O_o;;). Emilia got braces!! Anyway we were switching through channels and The Ring was on. It was towards the middle of the movie where the lady was at Samara's parents house and and the lady was watching the video or something like that. The part at the well DID NOT make any sense whatsoever. Like water starts coming out of the holes where screws were and the screws starts coming off. The well scene would've been so much better if Samara actually grabbed the lady's arm and the lady struggles out. The par where the husband gets killed or if you want, Samara comes out of the TV, was NOT scary. I repeat, NOT scary. I guess one reason was that Samara was sorta walking too fast and that whole killing scene was too short. In Ringu, the had more closeups and it was slower so it made that whole scene all scary. When I watched that movie, it was at 11 p.m but I saw The Ring at 6. Last time, I got scared for like a month, now, I wasn't that scared. I never understood the ending when the lady saw that the video was a copy. In The Ring, she made her son make an copy and I don't believe they did that on the Ringu. Bleh. Later, we played games and won prizes (reminds me of my 8th birthday XD). We ate and did a karoke. Me and Erica was talking like the whole time. More of the serious talk though. Then we watched Scary Movie 2. I saw it before at my cousins house but I didn't really understand anything since I was like 10.. That movie was plain stupid and disgusting.

February 1, 2004
Went shopping at Marshalls and got this navy green Billabong sweater. I'm wearing it right now! :D Didn't watch he Superbowl since I wasn't that interested but people kept talking about the half time with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. It sounded really really stupid. Also, I got my report card back. GPA: 3.833

This Quarter: Last Quarter:
LA: A- A
History: A A
Science: A A
Algebra: A B
PE: B A-
Orchestra: A- A-

February 2, 2004
There was an Air Rock competition between the teachers. HahahahaXD that was VERY interesting. Mrs. Tammi, Mrs. Bovy, Mrs. Egan, Ms. Fontana, and I think Mr. Heckey they were all like dressed in the 80's and did a very intersting performance.

Well, I don't feel like typing anymore since I still have to find pictures of the Middle Ages of Europe for my history project...ARGH!!!!!!!!!

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FEAR JADE BABEH!!! [23 Jan 2004|01:17pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Today was such a nice day. I came to school like everyother day except I was earlier than all of my friends O_o;; Then the bell rang and we went to our lockers and got my books. I went to my core class and saw a girl in pink sweater and I recognize that it was Jade!! OMG, she was sooo pretty! I love her hair. XD And her Mom was with her too talking and so I was like "JADE?!?!" and she looked at me and we were like OMG! And we hugged. Then later I asked her what her schedule was and this is how I remembered it:

Core/ Walters
Core/ Walters (yay, she has core with me!!!!)
Office helper

We have 2 classes together and have PE together but different teachers. Since today was a half day, we got to just chat around and we were playing around with Erica's pretty scarf. We were wearing it as a hat. XD Damn Jade, I swear, you know everyone at Sutter! When I was walking with you, you got a hug from almost everyone! Gosh, I'm soo excited! Oh yeah, today, Mickie let me borrow MARS volume 2. She got CK loving it too. SEE CK! I TOLD YOU ANIME AND MANGAS ARE GOOD!!(some of them at least)


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Xin Nian Fai Lok! [22 Jan 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Gong Hay Fat Choi!!
Xin Nian Fai Lok!!
Hok Yip Jun Bo!! (aimed towards kids that are till in school)
Sun Tai Gin Hong!!
Sum Suhng See Sing!! <--that one was hard to do the pronouciation...
Man See Zing Yee!!
Lin Lin Yao Yu!!
Long Mai Jing Sun!!

Anyway, today was like a good day or something, I had no homework but tons of tests. I had a test in all of my classes except for math. I only got a notice for the science and orchestra test but the others were just "surprises". The PE one was actually a quiz and the core one were some district test.. I think I did okay on it, though I didn't have much time for the science. She gave us 30 minutes and 80 questions. I don't remember anyone actually saying that they finished. The orchestra one was pretty easy but then again, we got 15 extra study minutes. So I like memorized everything ^^

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4th period Dobrescu rules!! [21 Jan 2004|08:27pm]
Today was a pretty okay day. 4th period Dobrescu was HECKA tight. XD We had a whole entire free period. We didn't know what exactly happened to Mr. Dobrescu so everyone just sat and chat. Then later on, these 28th graders were chasing around and so the class kinda started going wild from there. Then the 2 8th graders that were chasing arounf started "teaching" the class. Haha XD. They didn't know the stuff themselves and so they had some other kids did the problems for them.. Man, that 50 minutes was soo valuable but I bet we are getting in trouble tomorrow for not doing anything about it. Especially our TA since she was in with us telling us to be quiet so we won't get caught.
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[20 Jan 2004|06:56am]
[ mood | cold ]

Weee~! A new icon..have to credit ===> sakuraso


Yesterday I was watching Hunter x Hunter. I didn't realize that it was an OVA (Greed Island) until I went and try to download some songs on WinMX. I thought that it was the original series. Grrr..I was all happy then that kill the mood. Oh yeah, I got the OVA from my neighbor, Dewi. She's from Indonesia and on Sunday, she came over to our house and gave the gift tomy mom when I was at Arco Arena watching Harlem Basketball (>8(). I didn't know what it was for. I think it was for my birthday O_o;; Aanyways, back to the main topic. I watched up to episode 4 (that's all that she gave me) and I thought it was pretty good. I fell in love with the opening theme <33   


Gotta go, school is waiting (grrr)..

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Bat Mitzvah... [17 Jan 2004|06:19pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Today was my friend, Erica's, Bat Mitzvah. I got there a little late because it took us awhile to find out which buliding the ceremony took place. But we were late anyways since we left the house late. So I got there and the room was pretty big. Then I saw a whole bunch of friends and others staring right at me. I sat next to Jeff at first then Sara called me over and I sat over next to her. I sat next to Sara and Lorna. I didn't realize why there was a seat between them. Yeah, they are kinda rivals, I guess you can put it that way. Anyways, I felt embarrassed being late but heck, I wasn't alone. People I know that were there were: Jeff, Jenna, Karina, Sara, Lorna, Michelle, Molly, and Trevor. We all sat in the same row. Then like 5-10 minutes later, Jaguar came (SEE, I WASN'T THE ONLY ONE!!). It was funny since guys had to put on the hat (not sure what they are called) and I guess Jaguar didn't put it on tight enough, the hat fell off when he bend over trying to sit. XD. Then after like an hour of the speech in Hebrew and in English and stuff, we ate. We had Mexican food since Erica is partly Hispanic after all (I guess that's the reason why). We had a little contest in where Erica should sit. Our table screamed the loudest but she went over to the other kids table where her little friend from Brannan sat. that Grrr...I hate girl. So we ate and stuff then they came over to our table and the girl just came up to us and told us that Sutter sucks and that our basketball team sucked. She did it before the meal started but whatever. At first, we really didn't care but then she started getting on our nerves since she said that EVERY SINGLE TIME when she came and "chatted" with us. So we started throwing olives at her. Haha. XD Every one at our table plus some from the other table hated her soo much. Mainly our table since she didn't know any of us and because we were from Sutter. So later on, everything about her got on our nerves. She took away our friend, Erica. Everytime she tried to talk to us, she is attached to Erica or take her somewhere else like she doesn't know anybody or she doesn't know where's she's at. I was thinking "HELLO?! It is HER Bat Mitzvah, not yours." The only time that we actually get to talk to Erica without that little bitch (Rachel) around was during this little slide show of Erica's life. And that was pretty much the only time when Rachel wasn't around. I saw her looking back the whole time though. Michelle hated her sooo much. Like throughout the whole entire party, she was just thinking about punching that girl. To tell you the truth, all of us wanted to.

Enough about that girl. I will have a little flash back on the overall Bat Mitzvah. Arrived late, then listened to the speeches and stuff for an hour. Then ate and had some activities (that's not it though). The activities were fun. We had the best group/table. We got Jeff, Molly, Camile, Michelle, me, Sara, Karina and Lorna. We were so loud through our enthusiasm. XD There were four kids table and we were like the loudest when it comes to cheering. First activity was a scavenger hunt. We were really into it. Like the first item the DJ asked for was a cell phone and we had 5 cell phones. Haha, Karina has like 2, Michelle has one, Camile has one and I believe Molly had one. Then he asked for some more items. It was just the kids table that were competing against. We didn't win though because we had a tie. I thought we should've won since we had the most cell phones! But Rachel and Erica's table won... The last item was an unused tissue and whoever got it the fastest will win. Lorna had some new tissue but Jeff didn't hear us screaming his name. So we lost...oh well. Then it was like a cha-cha slide thingy. Maybe this ocurred before the scavenger hunt but whatever. Anyways, all the kids did the cha-cha slide and stuff and the rest of the events were just pretty much for dancing. I didn't dance in any of them except for the cha-cha slide (we had to >.>) and the snowball. Everyone left when the snowball thing started and all (or most) of us just danced. First Erica had a tough decision deciding who to dance with, Trevor or Jeff? They were both her friends so she can pick between the 2. Then the DJ did the little Minnie minnie miney moe(??) thing. It went to Trevor. The next snowball, Jeff danced with Erica. They looked sooo cute together. X3 Erica was way too short for Trevor so it looked weird when they were dancing together (NO hard feelings!!!). XD Then I don't know what happened. After Bennifer (Jeff) finish dancing with Jenna, I think, he chose to dance between Karina and I. He picked me *feels speshul*. ;D It was my first time dancing with a guy before so it was sorta scary/nervous. But hell, we are friends, we do this for fun. Then the next snowball and we all danced in a group. Sara didn't wanna dance, she just sat and watch ;.; I had to go to the facilities and Sara came with me. When I came out of the stall, I heard someone sniff like they were crying. So I whispered to Sara and she knocked the door next to my stall (it was closed and locked when we came in). No one answered so I look under and saw someone's feet. I recognized that it was Lorna's shoes so we called her name. At first she didn't reply but then after calling her name more than once, she answered. So we asked her what's wrong and I forgot what she said but Sara assumed that Lorna was being a baby about Jaguar (we told her something about Jaguar the other day and she got really pissed) so Sara sorta told her off and left. I followed Sara and then went back into the restroom checking up on Lorna. She finally told me saying, "I just feel like I don't belong here," I didn't know exactly why she felt that way. Then she told me "Karina and Sara have been ignoring me." So basically, no one talked to her and she felt that she was being ignored. I told her "Sometimes, being ignored is a good thing," I thought about what I said shortly after and tried to think of all the possible ways that being ignored was a good thing. I could think of nothing. I don't know why I even said that. A lot of my advice never make sense. Haha. XD Maybe that is true for people that don't want a lot of attention. I dunno. O_o;; After awhile Michelle came in and she like washed her hand or something? Then later, I guess the words spread and everyone kept coming in. I told them to go out or else Lorna won't tell me anything. Then Sara hid in a corner and eavesdrop on the conversation between me and Lorna. Later on, Lorna found out Sara was there and Sara left quickly and slammed the door. Then the guiltyness kinda started there. I don't wanna talk much about it since the entry is already long enough and it's pretty long. Then it was more dancing, more bitching, and more bathroom breaks. We had a little "I-Hate-Rachel" club in the bathroom. Everyone was there except for the guys, Erica and Rachel. We were all thinking about punching her, telling her off and stuff. Then later, we waited for our parents in the Parking lot and yeah...

PHEW~ Thank god this entry is over! Time: 2 hours and 51 minutes. Haha..

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Wee~! [09 Jan 2004|05:30pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

[Full Name]: Melony Chiew III X3
[Spell your first name backwards]: Einalem (That's cool O.O)
[The story behind your user name]: Terry made it up one day when I was really hyper XP
[How old?]: 463 XD
[Where do you live?]: I live in the planet earth *audience gasp*
[5 words that sum you up]: lazy, weird, easily addicted (2 words, oh well), random,
[Hairbrush]: My old one died and my new one has hair all curled up in it...eww..XP
[Jewelry worn daily]: I dont' wear a specific jewelry daily, once in awhile though
[Pillow cover]: I forgot..
[Coffee cup]: MINI MOUSE!!!!!! She totally pwns j00!
[CD in stereo right now]: Some burnt songs from Hyde and Gackt <3
[Piercing]: None.
[What you are wearing now]: Some black sweat pants and my brother's black sweater that I like:P
[Hair]: Black. Brown in the light...

[In my head]: WHY ISN'T JOYCE ON?!
[Wishing]: Joyce to get on and hopefully Cory, CK, Alec, and people to stay on..
[After this]: Looking up for websites on songs for Malice Mizer <33333
[Talking to]: CK and was talking to Jadey
[Eating]: My spit
[Fetishes]: GACKT, MALICE MIZER, HYDE *fangirl screams X3*
[Some of your favorite movies]: Hmmm....Finding Nemo?
[Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming months]: Lots..
[The last thing you ate?]: Those squid thingys
[Something that you are deathly afraid of?]: Being lonely (though I don't mind staying home alone)
[Do you like candles]: Yeah, I like them better than lights from light bulbs...
[Do you like incense]: No clue..
[Do you believe in love]: Gimme a minute to think about that one
[Do you believe in soul mates]: Hmm. not really
[Do you believe in love at first sight]: Not yet
[Do you believe in forgiveness]: :/
[If you could have any animal for a pet]: I want a fish :D
[What are 3 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?]: HONG KONG! HONG KONG! HONG KONG!
[What's something you wish you could understand better?]: Currently, algebra and some other things that I don't wanna mention or else I will get flamed :x
[Anyone you miss that you haven't seen in a long time?]: Jojo (my maid), Jojo (my best friend from elementary school), and my relatives from HK..
In the last 24 hours, have you:
01. [Cried:] No
02. [Bought something]: Yes, I bought those really good Air Crisp crackers :9
03. [Gotten sick]: Naw
04. [Sang]: YES!
05. [Eaten]: I can't live without food
06. [Been kissed]: Hell yeah >.<
07. [Felt stupid]: When do I not?!
08. [Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't]: Never loved...yet
09. [Met someone new]: Too much..
10. [Moved on]: Haha
11. [Talked to an ex]: You make me laugh XD
12. [Talked to someone you have a crush on]: I guess you can put it that way... :/
13. [Had a serious talk]: Maybe, I don't remember
14. [Missed someone]: YES! YES! YES!
15. [Hugged someone]: I do it everyday..
16. [Fought with your parents]: Nope
17. [Dreamed about someone you can't be with]: Nope, I did the night before :D
18. [Watched a movie?]: Parts of Johnny English
19. [Which one?]: Read above

Social Life:
01. [Best girl friend(s)]: Our little group we created..haha XD
02. [Best guy friend(s)]: Too many ^_~
03. [Boy/Girlfriend?]: Nope.
04. [If no, current dating partner]: Nope.
05. [Hobbies]: Sleeping babeh!
06. [Pager/Cell]: None..
07. [Are you center of attention or the wallflower]: It changes but mostly center of attention of my craziness...
08. [What type automobile do you drive]: Too old to drive..
09. [What type automobile do you wish you can drive]: I really don't know. I don't know a damn about cars.
10. [Would you rather be with friends or on a date?]: Depends on who the friends and the date is.
11. [Where is the best hangout]: School..i guess
12. [Do you have a job]: Too much work...hahahahaha
13. [Do you like being around people]: Like I said, I don't like being alone..(not home alone though)

01. [Have you known the longest]: ??
02. [Do you argue the most with]: Wow.
03. [Is the trustworthiest]: Joyce I guess...
04. [Makes you laugh the most]: A lot of people make me laugh...
05. [Has been there through all the hard times]: I really don't know..
06. [Have the coolest parents]: I forgot her name XD
07. [Has the coolest siblings]: Everyone I know is like the only child
08. [Is the most blunt]: hmm...?

[Who is your role model]: Soooooo many...
[What are some of your pets]: My fishies in the backyard. Speaking of it, I haven't looked at it for awhile now...
[Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with]: DUH!
[Have you ever cried over the opposite sex]: Nope
[Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you]: DIE YOU PERSON!!!!!!!11111
[Rather be dumper or dumped]: I rather be dumb :)
[Longest Relationship]: My imaginary boyfriend, Bob :)
[Rather have a relationship or a "hookup"]: same thing?
[Want someone you don't have right now]: Yeah...Gackt ;)
[Ever liked your best guy/girl friend]: My friends are like all girls...
[Do you want to get married]: It seems embarrassing...
[Do you want kids]: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD
[Do you believe in psychics?]: Depends, I have different views...
[Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time]: O_o;;
[What is your favorite part of your physical appearance]: I like my booty :)
[What is your favorite part of your emotional being]: Good question
[Are you happy with you]: Never.
[Are you happy with your life]: Sometimes

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Wee~! [28 Dec 2003|11:55pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Kingdom Hearts music kicks so much ass! :D

Or should I say Utada Hikaru's music kicks so much ass!!

Either way, the music rocks.

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Can't turn back... [27 Dec 2003|11:24pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I had a dream today about my friend and I visiting Hong Kong. I went back to my old elementary school and took a visit. While walking there, I saw my old best friend, Jojo Poon. I waved to her but she completely ignored me. She was talking to a dude that seem to be the guy of my dreams (never seen him before). Jojo had hot pink hair with 2 pig tails on (scary, huh?) and the guy was extremely tall. So I chased after her and asked her in Chinese "Don't you remember me? Melanie Chu?" and she said no and kept walking. I turned to my friend and told her that she has forgotten about me, still with a big smile spread across my face.

One reason that I think I had this dream is because last night, I was watching Internation Channel and they were playing Korean music videos. They played an video of Lee Soo Young and the video was about the guy that met a girl and they got a long very well. He broke up with his ex recently and I guess the ex still loves him. Anyway, the guy asked her out. That day (for the date), he arrives with his bike and her "girlfriend" was waiting for her. The her ex some how finds out and she spotted him. He didn't want to see her or something like that so he turned around and turned his bike the other way and went. The girl didn't noticed and kept waitin gand the ex chased him. He was in a hurry so he hit a man and marbles dropped. Then he became unconscious. The ex took care of him and stuff. At first, you don't really realize he lost his memory and became retarded (that seems like a harsh was to say it XD). So one day, the girl was riding the train and she spots him riding his bike. She follows him and she stood right in front of him but he passed her like she didn't even exist. Then the video kinda ended there.

The lady of the show annouces the part 2 of the video and stuff.

It began with the moment it ended in the last video. He just lived with his ex but he doesn't know anything. Then he found this little toy that he made with the girl (which happens to be something special to him as you can see). Then he remembers some of the events that happened. Eventually, he remembers everything. Later on, the ex leaves him since he seems to recover his memory and left. The next scene was probably a few years later. He was in a suit with glasses and some across a flower shop. He saw the toy on the flowers and wanted to look. He went inside and saw a lady listening to a special song. Then she turned around and became very surprised and they start laughing and it ends.

I like the video, as for the song, I totally forgot. I don't remember what the song was called but it was definately by Lee Soo Young (at least I hope so).

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Last night.. [25 Dec 2003|03:46pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Last night, my mom gave me a card and told me to write Merry Christmas and stuff like that in it. I had no problem with it until she said "in Chinese". And I turned her down. I wouldn't mind if my Chinese weren't that bad. I had to do it anyways. I didn't really had much of a choice. So after I took a shower and stuff, my brother taught me the formal styles of writing a letter in Chinese. It was similar to the "english style", but it's different nonetheless. I pretty much copied what my brother wrote on his card. I spent like an hour writeing that card. And there weren't many words on it neither. I just spent half an hour or more practicing writing it and I still messed up on 2 words. I wrote "sun tai gin hong (something like that)" And I wrote "tai" wrong. I also messed up on my name. ^^ When I wrote "man" in Wing Man", I knew it but I had like a quick memory lost and forgot how to write it. I already wrote part of it and realized that it didn't seem right. Then I overwrote it and it became all thick so I used white out. Haha, shame on me XD

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MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! [25 Dec 2003|03:35pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Merry Christmas to whom that celebrate it!!! Well my plans today are:

  • Watching the Kings game (currently watching already ^^)
  • Going to my aunt's house for party
  • and yeah :/

I opened up 2 presents so far. One from my mom and the other from my Aunty Mary. My mom gave me a gold butterfly bracelet and my aunt gave me a silver necklace with those flip flps on it. Now I have 2 of those! My mom gave me a blue one with gold chain a while ago and it's bigger. This one is smaller and it's white with a silver chain.  

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[23 Dec 2003|01:54pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Being sick sucks >:|



Last night, I was in a chatroom with a bunch of my friends. Since we started a chatroom a couple nights ago and we loved it since there was so many secrets spilled and several fights, we wanted another and send it to all our friends, again. Last night, CK and Cory got into another fight. Since Cory was telling me a story about her slipping in the hall, she got pissed and left the chat. I stayed and then Cory and Alec were all making fun of her. They were making songs and stuff about her. Later on Alec had to go and it was only me and Cory. *skips some parts* So I invited Jade. We all got along. In a very weird way. Haha. We chatted and stuff. At around 2 a.m., I had to go to sleep so the chat ended there. It was so fun. T_T  

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Infernal Affairs II [22 Dec 2003|08:37pm]
[ mood | sick ]

This morning, I woke up and brushed my teeth and everything. I didn't know what to do because there's nothing good on TV, the computer (with internet) is being used by my dad, and yeah. ^^;; So I asked my brother if I can watch Infernal Affairs II since I fell asleep during the movie couple nights before. I fell asleep because I didn't get it and there was no English subtitles. I could bare with the Cantonese but I could hardly hear it and it was late (around 11:00 p.m?). Haha. XD Anyway, I set the subtitles and everything and started watching it. It like started with Inspector Wong (Anthony Wong) and Sam (Eric Tsang) chatting in a room. Inspector Wong was talking about a story during a shoot out(or something of that sort) and stuff like that. I didn't really pay attention. I love the part when Mary (Carina Lau) got killed by the hit-and-run. I nearly laughed. It was so sudden because they had the camera on Ming (Edison Chen) and she was just standing there staring at him and then a car just hits Mary and Mary didn't even notice a thing. It was sorta scary too because it felt like a Ringu moment. And yeah, she died. I also liked the part where Hau (Francis Ng) got caught and then in the officer room (where they confess everything), he makes a great come back and showed an video of Inspector Wong talking to Mary about the murder of Kwun (the leading case of this whole entire movie). I guess I didn't like Inspector Wong (for some reason), that's why. :/ Heh, I like this one better than Infernal Affairs because it made more sense (well it is a sequal) and that I understand it much better since I looked up the websites and everything. ^^ Overall, the movie was good, it made me think and how all those things lead to the first movie. I wanna see Infernal Affairs III now. T_T  My brother said he has it on his computer but it's in Mandarin with Chinese subtitles. Haha. I feel like posting the link to the official websites of the 3 movies.


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Bye Joyce! [21 Dec 2003|05:37pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Yesterday was Joyce's going away party. It's official that she is staying in HK and not coming back (well maybe for a visit or till college). We went ice skating down at the Downtown Plaza. It was my first time ice skating but it was so much fun. Joyce, Amy, Karen, Taylor, Lien, Courtney, Jordan, Elaine, Christina (or is it Kristina? I dunno) H. and Alec came. Alec was the only guy that had the heart to come. He said to me that if none of the dudes go then he ain't going but he ended up coming anyways. I guess some guys actually have a heart. >:P He was such a show off though! He was the best skater in our group (well since everybody but Lien, Jordan, Coutney and Christina can't). Taylor was such a chicken. Just because her friend broke her wrist because of ice skating, she didn't want to risk that chance neither. I doubt that was the reason. I think she just didn't want to get embarrassed and that she was wayyyy too scared. We had to make her go in, if we didn't, she probably wouldn't even take a step with those shoes. She was like that at Cal skate too. It takes her hours to get in the rink and by the time we have to go, she gets used to it. Anyway, At the beginning when I arrived, I say Joyce's back and saw Taylor. Their parents were standing right by them. I was surprised that they weren't inside. We waited for about 15 minutes and Elaine came. Then we got impatient and got our tickets. While getting our tickets, Amy and Christina arrived. I didn't really know who she was till yesterday. We went off to get our skating shoes and Karen came with her sisters. She got her tickets and showes and stuff and we all went inside the rink. We were scared to get in too but Taylor refused to go. We held on to the walls while others skate by. It was so scary at first. We were so scared that we might fall. After skating for a while, Jordan and Courtney came. They know how to skate. Around an hour or so later, Alec came. We were surprised that he came. A bit after that, Lien came. EVERYONE CAME! And the skating part wasn't much to talk about except I didn't fall and that I learned how to skate now (Molly, it does seem like roller-blading except you have an actual blade)! Yeah, then Alec left. It was about 4 and we decided to go (we had to anyways). Wwe said our final good-byes, final hugs with Joyce (we did a group hug :P), we took pictures and stuff. We were all about to cry but for some reason, we couldn't. Later on everyone went home and Taylor waited with me for my dad to come. She told me that this wasn't fun and she hated it. Well no duh, she didn't even put an effort to try and skate. She hardly even when in there and she said she hated it. I felt that that was quite pathetic. *sigh* Oh well, it's her lost.


Haha, took me more than an hour to type this entry. Yes yes, I was distracted by many things, one of them included this website for Infernal Affairs. It's an HK movie. Since my brother got the DVD from a drawing and when we watched it, I fell asleep (I was lost and confused anyway) so I decided to check out what the movie was about. Heh. 

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